Washington has always been a community known for rallying around it's families in need, whether because of personal tragedy, illnesses, or even the dreaded Oklahoma weather events.  We are also a community with a love of sport and athletics, but until 2013, had no running event to showcase it!


This year we asked the community to nominate someone that currently lived in Washington Community.  The stories we received touched our hearts dearly, which made the choice of whom to choose very difficult.  This year we decided on Dee Lyles.


Here is her story:

Dee Lyles was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in October 2017. Not too long after she contracted bacterial meningitis. Her family was afraid she would not make it through. By the grace of God, she did! Just a few weeks ago she finished her last round of chemotherapy, and soon she will be facing a bone marrow transplant. Her family prays she will be able to have the transplant soon and it will help her go into remission. After the bone marrow transplant, doctors have told Dee to expect to be down for at least six months afterward. During this time Dee will have to be off work, and the challenges ahead are many. Dee has worked in the insurance industry for 30 years and is a member of Goldsby Baptist Church. She and her husband Wilson Lyles have a son, Blake Lyles. Blake and his wife Vanessa have a daughter Raegan. The two are expecting another baby in February, and Grandma Dee Lyles hopes to be well enough to enjoy every moment.









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